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The other day I wrote a diary concerning my rigidity, and there were 2 things I didn't cover that I think are greatly important. I'll start below.

America is so rigid, we can't even discuss family planning without some anti-choice misogynist chiming in and claiming to protect children. It isn't about protecting kids. It's about making sure the war-mongers have more meat to grind to a pulp in the cogs of their useless war machine.

We're so rigid, we can't talk about an energy policy that benefits all people instead of a wealthy few. Instead, we have things like Fracking and the Keystone XL Pipeline shoved down our throats. Even worse, the oil that will be extracted via the pipeline will be EXPORTED. That will not only do nothing for our overall cost of living (Gas Prices can effect that), it might even cause the price of gas to go up.

I don't know if we can even reverse this. Hell, it would take decades considering the damage done by deregulation, Wall Street cronyism and wholesale theft by so-called 'private equity' firms.

We need to reinstate all Anti-Trust laws, especially the Sherman Act, which prevented companies from using loans to buy out and merge with one another. In other words, the Sherman Act forced companies to use their own money if they wanted to do the things mentioned above.

We also need to reinstate Glass-Steagall and rein in the money changers on Wall Street. Personally, I think we need to go even further and abolish stock trading all together. Artificially inflating a company's worth via pumping more money into a derivative does absolutely NOTHING to benefit the country as a whole. The only way I can see that coming to a halt is if we plant seeds for more worker owned companies.

Doing any of this requires a lot of planning and action, but I believe these are things we should push for. If that makes me rigid, socialist or communist, that's all fine and dandy.

6:15 PM PT: Sorry about the insensitive beginning. It wasn't meant to be, but I can see how folks would take offense.

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