Well, I had a lovely day. What was supposed to be a relaxing day catching up on some reading turned into a nightmarish visit to the ER. I know, I know...2012 has not been very kind to me health-wise.

It looks like we had a miscommunication on our end tonight. So instead of our scheduled programming, you're stuck with my tale of woe. Follow me below the fold.

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I woke up this morning at about 11 AM, and it felt like any other morning. I got up, walked to the living room, and got on my laptop. I thought, “Damn, my left eye really hurts. It’s almost like I haven’t been blinking it.” So I blinked it. Except I didn’t. I couldn’t budge my muscles around my eye. Thinking that was pretty strange, I walked to the bathroom mirror to see what was up. I thought the left side of my face was looking a little weird. So I tried to smile. When the right side of my mouth went up while the left side remained the same, I just about shat myself.

My first thought was, “Holy shit, I’m having a fucking stroke.” Then I got ahold of myself and realized that it was only my face, and so it was probably Bell’s palsy (my mom had it, as did my mom’s dad). But then I remembered that I’ve been experiencing headaches lately, so my thoughts immediately turned to the worst.

I went straight to the ER. The nurse made me squeeze his fingers and what-not, and then the doctor came in and examined me. She must have had the same fear I had, because she sent me right in for a CT scan. Thankfully, the scan came back clean, so I don’t have to worry about a brain tumor. I’m still waiting on the results of a Lyme test, but the doctor doesn’t think I have that (just a very necessary precaution). She diagnosed me with Bell’s palsy and said it might have been handed down to me through my family. Then she gave me a prescription for steroids and Lacri-Lube for my eye. Apparently I’ll have to tape my eye shut at night to prevent permanent cornea damage. That’s going to be fun. If it doesn't clear up in 7-10 days, I'll have to see my doctor and possibly get an MRI.

Needless to say, I’m glad the worst has (almost) been ruled out. Very, very thankful for that. But the next 7-10 days with a  non-blinking eye and a mouth that won’t let me drink without drooling isn’t going to be very fun. Merry freaking Christmas to me!

December 28, 2012

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As the father of an autistic son with special needs, aravir passes judgement on a fake school shooting staged by a NYC principal for kids like his. In part, it reads: "This was not a mistake. This was the sociopathic action of a deeply disturbed individual, who has no role to play in mentoring children.  Period."
From twigg:
Cuseology was looking for help, and found it with this one-word reply from gossamer1234.

December 27, 2012

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December 27, 2012

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