Not much of a diary, but I'm just apoplectic this morning after seeing John Harwood puking up pure Broderism. He was yacking on camera about the bogus fiscal 'cliff' drama, and was asked why it was so difficult for Congress to come to an agreement. His response was pure brain-dead "Villager" horseshit.

Harwood stated that Congress has become progressively more polarized, "just like America as a whole", with "an increasingly conservative Republican caucus and an increasingly liberal Democratic caucus". You know; 'both sides do it', let's all meet in the middle.....

Like I said, pure horseshit. We all know that the Republican party has become bat-shit insane, racing to the far off lunatic fringe horizon. We all know that the biggest problem with the Democratic party is not its 'excessive liberalism', but its spineless pursuit of 'consensus' by chasing after the retreating Republicans to find some elusive middle ground, something that keeps getting closer to the far right fringe every day.

And this is your modern corporate journamalism.

Originally posted to Ralphdog on Sat Dec 29, 2012 at 04:20 AM PST.

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