President Obama is scheduled to appear on Meet The Press Sunday morning.

Join me below the tribute to Art Nouveau as I fantasize about the verbal barrage I would unload on the GOP.

Just a few suggestions and a possible frame for the pres.

On the Fiscal Cliff: "We have tried to negotiate with the GOP and they are absolutely resolved to not negotiate unless tax cuts for the absolute richest citizens of this country are guaranteed." "The GOP has clearly taken the position of protecting wealthy privilege over the fiscal well being of the rest of this country."  "So many in the GOP complain about the citizens who receive welfare, unemployment benefits, FEMA assistance, yet they balk at the mere suggestion of increasing revenue to pay for two wars, a bailout of the banks, and rebuilding our infrastructure which so many of the top 1% profit from."  "In fact most of the wealth that these folks have accumulated would not even be possible without this nation's infrastructure."  "These citizens which the GOP have so steadfastly protected are in a sense receiving government assistance and it is time for it to stop."  "It is time for this country to start paying its bills and the top 1% will be a part of that process."

On Sandy Hook: "The nation grieves with the parents of Sandy Hook.  We also grieve for all the families who have lost loved ones to gun violence."  "The comments from the NRA, simply put, were cold."  "The GOP is beholden to the NRA and this is just another example of the GOP placing the rights of a few citizens, gun owners in this case, over the well-being of the rest of the citizens of this nation." "The NRA suggest putting armed guards in schools, yet at the same time the GOP party cuts teaching positions and challenges school funding at nearly every turn."

On Filibuster Reform:  The filibuster has become a tool to stall, deny, and obfuscate legislation approved by the majority."  "Much of this legislation would benefit most families in this nation yet time and again the GOP refuses to honor the will of the majority of this country's citizenship based on an alternate agenda that benefit only a few who already have received so much of this country's wealth."

On the Presidency:  "I campaigned on a clear agenda and most of this nation expects me to fulfill that agenda."  "I will not let them down."  "Some in the GOP have taken my election and re-election as a personal insult."  "Well the time has come to quit pouting and start moving this country forward."

If I were President Obama This is some of what I would say.


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