Hi everyone.  Welcome to WYFP (What's Your F****n' Problem?!) for this last Saturday of 2012.  Before we go any farther, please spell the following out in cuniform:

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So - I said farewell to MrCJB and KidCJB on Dec the 17th as they made their way to Nebraska to spend the time with MrCJB's family.  I stayed home to hang out with my 88yo mom, since my sister and brother-in-law are in DC and my nephew was over there with them.

It turned out to be good that I stayed home since I ended up bouncing Mom in and out of the ER last weekend with what presented as heart-related stuff.  Sadly, they missed the big letters that indicated that mom has a history of bleeding ulcers.  And they missed the fact in the four blood tests that they did that her hematocrit was around 28.  So, instead of putting those two together and treating her for internal bleeding, they treated her for a bunch of unnecessary crap.  Twice.  Even though I had brought up her ulcer with medical personnel at the hospital when she was first admitted.

Mom and I cancelled our trip to the coast and decided to stay home because we thought she was about to have a heart attack.  A quick trip to her primary doc (who is SO GREAT) on Wednesday, and we had a proper diagnosis and his permission to head for the beach.  (Seriously, she was in his office no more than 90 seconds before he had it pegged.)  

So, anyway, what was going to be just a strange Christmas without my guys around ended up being a high-maintenance and unnecessarily expensive medical scare.

And now my guys are home, which is nice, but I have to stop having Cinnamon Chex for dinner and start cooking real food and generally acting like a productive family member.  :- )

That's my whine.  Yours?

Putting the schedule up here where I can edit it for us.  These are the right Feb dates.  I need a vacation.

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