While economists and pundits battle over their pet theories, we are the mice in their real-life laboratory. The results of the experiment are already in, and there is no need to continue to torture the mice.

If reducing taxes on the "job creators" created jobs, we'd have no unemployment at all right now, since taxes on the rich are the lowest they've been in half a century. The fact is, employers hate to create jobs. It's hugely expensive, and if they can get by without doing it, they always will, regardless of the tax environment. So what makes them do it? Market demand. When there's money to be made, and hiring more people is the only (or the cheapest) way to make that money, that's when the "job creators" hire or invest. And what drives market demand? Consumer confidence and disposable income.

When we in the working poor and middle classes have more money, we spend it. We spend it here in the USA, not in Switzerland, Dubai or the Cayman Islands. That spending drives the economy upward, more than any other factor. Raising middle class taxes by $2000 in 2013, while cutting the programs the poor need to survive, is a recipe for economic recession and individual misery. 1/4 of the jobs in the USA pay wages so low, many of us work full time and still need food assistance to feed our families. North Carolina has more than its share of these WalJobs.

Another thing about these low-wage jobs - they hurt. Physically, they are stressful on our bodies. "Americans are living longer" - only some Americans. Americans with incomes over $50,000 live five years longer than Americans with incomes under $30,000. Access to health care, and a job where you sit down most of the day, mean a longer healthy working life and a longer, healthier retirement. The people who most depend on Social Security and Medicare to be there for them as their bodies become too broken to continue working, are also the people for whom that happens soonest. Raising the retirement age on poor people because rich people are living longer is evil.

Keep the taxes low on the first 1/4 million of every American's income. Beyond that, it's time to end the free ride and make the richest among us pay their fair share again. Raise the cap on the taxable income for Social Security, not the qualifying age.

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