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My last diary looked at redistricting possibilities in 2021 if Oregon gained a 6th district in reapportionment.  This diary will consider several if Oregon remained at only 5 districts.  These are maps that would supposedly be drawn by Democrats in control of the state legislature, unless otherwise stated.

This first map is my favorite.  It cleans up the look of the districts for the most part, and is pretty good in terms of communities of interest, too.  The 1st district basically just adds Tillamook County and tweaks the precincts in Multnomah County, and basically has northwestern Oregon.  The 2nd district loses the gorge area, including both Hermiston and some of Pendleton in Umatilla County, and picks up the remainder of Josephine County, all of Curry County, and southern Douglas County in Southern Oregon.  The 3rd district loses a bit of inner Southeast Portland (pretty much just Carol Tomei's district) and picks up Hood River, Wasco, Jefferson, Gilliam, Sherman, Morrow, and much of Umatilla County, from Hermiston through parts of Pendleton, to the Umatilla reservation.  The 4th district moves north, losing Curry County, some of southern Douglas County, and its parts of Josephine County, and gains the rest of Benton County, along with Lincoln and Polk counties, leaving most of Southern Oregon in the 2nd and more of the Mid Willamette Valley in the 4th.  The 5th loses both Lincoln and Polk, as well as Tillamook County.  It loses its precincts in outer east Portland, but picks up some of Southwest and inner Southeast Portland.  Whereas Congressman Schrader might have a problem with his distrct getting more of Portland and also getting more Democratic, as it could make a primary challenge more likely, this map also gives him all of Clackamas County, his base, which could make him safer.  It also divides only 3 counties, whereas the current map divides 4.

As a result, the 1st, 3rd, and 2nd districts all get a little more Republican, though the 1st and 3rd are still safely Democrat, and the 4th and 5th get 2 or so points more Democratic, making them much safer.

Obama's 2012 percentage in each district:
1st: 57.6 (-1.28 from the current district)
2nd: 40.84 (-0.75 from the current district)
3rd: 73.78 (-0.7 from the current district)
4th: 56.04 (+2.55 over the current district)
5th: 53.81 (+2.08 over the current district)

This second map I don't like as much, because the 4th district is really screwed up from a community of interest perspective, but here it is.

This 1st district is much like the one in the above map, just with different precincts in Multnomah County.  In character its still basically the same as the current district.  My 2nd district loses the inner gorge area (Hood River and Wasco counties) and some of Central Oregon (Jefferson County and some of Deschutes: mostly the Bend area and parts west of there) but picks up the rest of Josephine County, all of Curry County, and nearly all of Douglas County except for the coastal part, which tends to be more Democratic (our state house candidate there won both precincts).  This version of the district, like the one above, is far more weighted in Southern Oregon.  There is not a single county in the central or eastern parts of the district that has nearly as many people as either Douglas or Jackson counties.  As Greg Walden's home was removed, he could run here, but a Republican from Southern Oregon would have a good shot at winning the primary.  This 3rd district has everything in Multnomah County on the east side of the Willamette River, as well as the densest parts of NW Portland and nearly all of SW Portland, including all of downtown.  It also has some of the most conservative parts of Clackamas County: Happy Valley, Damascus, and Boring, but loses some of its Clackamas portion as the county is now split three ways.  As a result this district is actually more Democratic here than in the current version, which is more Democratic than the previous version was!

My 4th district is the really different one, losing most of its territory south of Lane County, with the exception of Coos County and an arm on the Douglas County coast connecting them.  It has also lost one of its Democratic base counties: Benton, which is a tough loss to the district, but it picks up Democrats elsewhere.  The base of the district is still in undivided Lane County, where Congressman DeFazio is from (well, where he lives; he's originally from Massachusetts).  It also retains Linn County, which is solidly red but DeFazio tends to do decently in.  The rest of the district is new.  This includes a 50-50 (partisan-wise) part of Deschutes County, which includes Bend and parts of the county west of there.  From there it goes up and takes in Jefferson County, which is Republican but is also small, Wasco County which is only slightly Republican leaning (Obama lost it by 19 votes this year), and dark blue Hood River County, plus it reaches west from there to take in eastern, southern, and most of central Clackamas County, including Molalla, Estacada, Sandy, Mulino, Colton, and the Mount Hood Villages.  This district is a crazy mish-mash of several different communities, some which are trending Democratic, some that are trending Republican.  On the whole, though, Obama did a bit better here than the current 4th.

The 5th district doesn't change so drastically, but it does lose Tillamook County and all of it's two precincts in Portland, as well as some of it's more conservative parts of Clackamas County, and goes from having 4 rural precincts in Benton County to all of it.  Schrader keeps his base in the Clackamas County suburbs, including his home, and all but a few rural precincts of his old state senate district.

Obama's 2012 percentages:
1st district: 57.46 (-1.42 from the current)
2nd district: 38.76 (-2.83 from the current)
3rd district: 76.84 (+2.36 over the current)
4th district: 53.95 (+0.46 over the current)
5th district: 53.61 (+1.88 over the current)
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