The Topeka Capitol-Journal shows that Kansas is doing its best to be regressive, homophobic and showing that it is not "pro-life" in any way.

The Kansas Department of Children and Families is suing the sperm donor that helped a lesbian couple conceive a child and is doing so against the wishes of the former couple.

And this also shows why we need better health care reform:

The Topeka couple initially tried to obtain a specimen from a cryobank in Chicago, Bauer said, but ran into trouble with their family practitioner. The doctor refused to sign a release stating the couple capable of raising a child, she said.

“I think she was uncomfortable with the whole insemination,” Bauer said. “It was the weirdest interaction I’ve ever had with a health care professional.”

The couple then had to turn to Craigslist.   Frankly, couples should not run into these kinds of obstacles from health care professionals.
The couple was successful the first try, and a baby girl was born to them on Dec. 7, 2009, though only Schreiner’s name appears on the birth certificate. Kansas law doesn’t recognize same-sex unions.

The Kansas Department of Children and Families became aware of the situation because Schreiner had to file for Medicaid to secure health insurance for the girl. Bauer, who formerly was the breadwinner of the family, was diagnosed in March with a serious illness, rendering her incapable of working.

The women are throwing their support in Marotta’s corner, but Bauer worries how all this will affect her daughter, whom she described as “a well-adjusted beautiful girl” who is “loved immensely.”

Again, this underscores the need for more health care in this country and it also shows that DOMA and laws of those nature must be struck down.   Children should not be caught in the middle because a state is too bigoted to recognize a union between consenting adults and they should not suffer because people are yoked to their jobs to get health insurance.

It also seems like this is a transparent attempt by the state of Kansas and the homophobic parts of the Republican party to send a chilling message to potential sperm donors:   Better not donate to a LGBT couple, or we'll go after you and you'll incur a heavy financial penalty.  

6:24 PM PT: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

The Huffington Post article begins with Kansas suing the sperm donor in exchange for providing health insurance to the daughter.   I read that first and it formed my disgust for this.   It does mention that some Republicans are aware that shit like this makes people want to move out of Kansas

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