Saturday night's fundraiser blew past my hopes.  The full amount raised was $760 dollars, give or take a bit.

I've transferred enough to my bank account to more than cover the check for the oil delivery that will arrive this afternoon.  The car insurance renewal is done and paid.  I'll be able to get to my massage therapist and physical therapist this week, my health permitting, as well as go back to see the doc-in-a-box to have my lungs checked again.

Now I'm going to be a big sap:

You guys are the absolute best.  I can't go to my family, as they all are in straitened circumstances themselves.  My husband doesn't want to ask his parents for more than what they already do.  All of you who helped out are real-life angels.  I wish there was a way to reach through the wires to hug each and every one of you.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

2:00 PM PT: Thought you folks would want to know, the oil delivery was just made.  100 gallons are in the tank, just in time for the cold snap.

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