"Yah fi-yahed!"
NBC is including Donald Trump in their “line-up” for their New Years Eve with Carson Daly show.


According to an NBC press release dated December 22:

Donald Trump (NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice”) offers real estate advice for buyers in the New Year;
What does Trump represent? What were his accomplishments for 2012? What will he bring us in 2013?

Who cares?  

Why would NBC include him? Isn’t NBC embarrassed by Trump?

During 2012 the country was wrestling to lower high unemployment percentages, families tightened their budgets, college students struggled with ridiculous school loan payments, seniors put off retirement and many of us simply fought to keep a roof over their heads, lights and heat on and food on the table.  

Donald Trump & Melania Knauss by Marco GlavianoWhile the rest of us were dealing with these real-life problems Donald Trump and his hair have been dancing in the glitter and gold, showing off excessive wealth and firing people for ratings.

To add insult to injury he degraded the democratic process by throwing his hat in the ring as a presidential candidate and insisted that our President did not have a legitimate birth certificate. His rants about Obama’s citizenship inflamed the race issues that were evident in this last election.  

trumpTrump is a clown, a buffoon, he is consistent fodder for jokes and impersonations. His attitudes about women, minorities and the poor are no secret. His business models include shipping jobs overseas and he believes tax cuts for the rich should stay.  He continues to disrespect and degrade President Obama. All of this, yet he still has a line of clothing and even a perfume (sorry, fragrance) at Macy’s and appears in their commercials.  His television series and beauty contests have seen lower ratings, but NBC still seems to consider him part of their “family.”

After losing Dick Clark, NBC is trying to legitimize a new brand for their annual New Years Eve Show. We prefer to stay in these days and watch the ball-drop from the safety of our living room. Just knowing Trump might pop up on the screen somewhere, that he is part of their “line-up” will keep us from watching Carson Daly’s show on NBC tonight.

Please contact NBC, tell them it’s time to stop adding to Trumps ego. Tell them to drop his shows and keep him out of their line-up once and for all. Sign a petition to let MAcy's know he is bad for business. If the viewers and customers speak loud and consistently, perhaps these corporations will get the message!

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