Okay, just can't resist making fun of the Tea Party and the RW Republicans during these tense Fiscal Cliff negotiations. Why oh why does the Tea Party drag us to the verge of collapse every few months.

Well, to bring some New Year's joy to your heart and make you laugh, here are some Democratic bumper stickers and T-Shirt slogans I've spotted this year that I found funny and too true. Most make fun of the Tea Party and the Right Wing Republicans.


Democratic Party bumper stick:
Cleaning up Republican messes since 1932.
T-Shirt slogan:
My parents are Republicans but I love them anyway.
Democratic bumper sticker:
  We are not perfect but they're NUTS
Democratic bumper sticker:
FAUX News - where facts don't matter.
Tea Baggers are Republicans off their MEDS!

Democratic bumper sticker:
Keep your Tea. I'll take my President any day.
We are the 47%. TOO BIG TO FAIL.
I THINK therefore I am a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive.
Silly Republicans. Ignorance is not a virtue.
Democratic bumper sticker:
Obamacare beats the heck out of the
GOP "I don't care"
Annoy a Republican:  

Confuse a Republican:
Use logic, facts and science

Note to the Tea Party budget cutters:
Think education is expensive. Try ignorance.
Notice to Tea Party members:
SCIENCE is not a liberal conspiracy.
Democratic bumper sticker:
Just say NO to the GOP Party of NO
Democratic bumper stick:
Don't Tea Party on me!
Tea Party members should wear warning stickers:
"Sorry. Can't vote and think at the same time."
Turn off Fox News for one day
And Tea Party members will be speechless & not know what to talk about for next 24 hours.

Feel sorry for the GOP?
Adopt a Tea Party member
And explain how the world works using facts, logic and science.

T-Shirt slogan:
Prisoner of a Red State.
Blogging and tweeting from behind enemy lines.
Democratic bumper sticker:
Imagine a Congress that works --- without the Tea Party.
Looking forward to a day when we can say
Minority Leader John Boehner

Volunteers needed to tutor Tea Partiers in lessons in "How to Govern."
Only the brave need apply. Hazard pay included.

T-Shirt slogan:
VOLUNTEER: Tutoring a Republican with a lesson in reality.
T-Shirt Slogan:
I'm part of the 47% and I paid taxes my whole life so you can go kiss my grits.

Tea Parties are for little kids.
GOVERNING takes adults.
Proud to be everything the Tea Party hates:
Tolerant, Inclusive, Caring, Supportive,
Forward Thinking, Uses Math & Logic.
Confuse a GOP member of Congress:
Explain how the economy works with facts & arithmetic instead of a Tea Party slogan
Tea Party: Were you elected to ruin US economy on purpose or is this something you just do in your spare time as a hobby?
Republicans hate government because they're so bad at it.
- Alan Grayson

Should we tell the Republicans that they lost the 2012 election yet?
Or are they ready for it?

"Republican leadership" is an oxymoron.
--Robert Reich

Hope you enjoyed these funny bumper stickers and T-Shirt slogans and got a good laugh. Add your own below.

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