These are just personal and geared towards trying to make myself a better person.  Some of them are a little meta, but ya know what, Not everything is as clean as we'd like

I feel like posting em.  Just so I can look back and remember that I really did have good intentions.  ;)

(The list on the flip)

1. I will finish the damn book.  I will write every day.  No excuses.  No. I don't feel like it.  If I want to be a writer, I have to BE A WRITER.

2.  I will finish the damn classes and not let my children's school officials dictate that I must be on call 100% of the school day, just because they can't read a fucking IEP.

3.  I will not let the Gun Control debate fade away.   Already the memory is fading in the mass media, and I will not accept that.

4.  I will work harder to get the troops home, and end the damn wars which are the main reason there is a financial crisis in this country.

5.  I will not live in fear.

6.  I will stick to my strengths, which are snark, humor, personal feeling and generally not writing policy.  When I'm "Serious" I don't convince anyone.    

7.  I will give the president the benefit of the doubt.  

8.  I will work hard for health care for everyone.  A National Health Service if possible.  That's the starting point I want to work from.  Let em negotiate down from there.

9.  I will not go back onto any drugs for my PTSD.   I resolve to talk to real humans and engage in proper treatment, no matter what the VA says is the "Right" course of action.

10.  I will find my ex wife and get some fucking child support.  4 years with no payment and no help now.  This shit ends.

11.  When I get angry I resolve to turn off the computer and spend some time with my kids instead of raging about it.

12. I resolve to treat members of Kos who disagree with me with respect.  They disagree with me and that's perfectly fine.  It's their right as individuals to disagree.  It's my right as an individual to disagree with them and to work against them.  

And that's really it.  The last two are pretty meta, but tensions have run a little high around here recently, and I just want to state what I'm going to try to do without naming names.  

May next year we all get a pony.  A magic one.  :)

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