MSNBC  has a banner headline up: "BREAKING NEWS: Republican Sen. McConnell says there is agreement on tax rates."

There's not even a story to click through to at this time. Don't know what this means. Just a weather advisory.

Edit: NRO has a story up saying McConnell has said "pass the tax rate portion now."

From NRO [I'm quoting NRO!!!!]:

But first, he’d like the Senate to vote on the tax aspect of the deal as soon as possible. “I can report we’ve reached an agreement on all of the tax issues,” he said. “Let’s pass the tax relief portion now.”
Now, CNN has this.

Some tweets:

Lisa Desjardins

MCCONNELL: let's pass the tax portion now, let's take what we have and get moving.
31 Dec 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite

 Deirdre Walsh@deirdrewalshcnn
McConnell reports that deal done on the TAX pieces - says let's pass tax portion now
31 Dec 12 ReplyRetweetFavori

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