A Republican, a Democrat, a Tea-Partier, and a Progressive, walk into a Bar ...

The Democrat corrals the gang, and announces "The drinks are on me, guys."

The Republican laughs, and shouts "That's a switch!"

The Tea-Party guy, stops in his tracks and says dryly, "Don't bother, I pay my own way."

The Progressive leans over and whispers to the Dem quietly, "You're putting this on the expense-account, right?"

The Dem nods, "I got the Committee's credit card."  Both chuckle at their inside joke.

Straddling up to the bar, tender J Boehner hustles over, "What will it be gents?"

Well the evening wears on. Soon some of their built-in defensive guards drop, since the TV cameras have yet to find them. And if there's one thing bar-tender Boehner knows, it's how to pour a stiff drink ... (A guy's got to have a fall-back skill, you know) ...

The Republican says to Democrat and Progressive, "Well guys, you can't blame us for trying. If dang Romney weren't from planet Vulcan -- we'd be calling the shots now."

The Dem replies back, "Yea, it was touch-and-go there for a while. I was thinking about my 'early-retirement plan' for a few weeks.  What are gonna do, That's politics!"

The Progressive chimes in, "Everyone remembers the Bush-years, right?  No one want's to relive those days! ... God no."

A hearty chortle breaks out. "No way." "Once was enough."  Even the bar-keep shouts out, "Hell No!"

After the laughter fades, the Tea Party guy stops nursing his drink, and looks up and says, without one hint of humor, "Obama's is just as bad a Bush ... miles worse even. Because he's got you all convinced, that he's a nice guy, smart and capable too."  

Shocked looks glance his wet-blanket way. The Progressive starts to speak, "But W was the worse, when he ..." and then stops, remembering the wider audience.

Tea guy continues, "George W Bush was a disgrace to Conservatives. Bush was the reason I got into politics -- that and the FreedomWorks money.  By the time were done with Politics, were gonna make W Bush look like a piker!  ... you jokers just wait."

Suddenly the gang had a brief moment of sobriety -- "What if, just what if -- he's not joking?" they each wondered.

What would happen to their 'political gigs' then?  If they actually find someone more credible than Santorum, or Bachmann.  Now THAT would be chilling.

They might even have to pay for their own drinks ... or even go find a real job, like all the other working schmoes.  

Someone calls out "Hey Bar-keep turn off the A/C, I just got this strange shiver. And it was really creepy."  

The bartender saunters over, "Who's buying the next round, gents?" ... The keeper-of-the-house wants to know.

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