Over the next ten years.

I cant wait until the debt ceiling talks in a couple of months time, should be wonderful, I wonder how many times our lot will negotiate with themselves before they even talk to the Republicans?

Since cliff diving seems to have been avoided, and with very little actual stimulus when you take the sun setting of payroll tax relief [2%] from where is growth going to come?

Or is just an Austerity package that is on its way?

Raise the retirement age?

Cut social security?

Cut Medicare?

Cut every damn social program in the pot.

A cut in the military budget, hahahahahah, fat chance.

Typical of last minute panic induced legislation, nothing is resolved so we have to go through the same shit soon. This never ending loop of short sighted hair on fire bullshit has become wearisome.

Sometimes when you make a pie that nobody likes it is just a piss poor pie?

There was no victory here, not even for bipartisan cuddles.

Nothing has been resolved.

The economy needs to grow, this just perpetuates the status quo of an underfunded state.

There is nothing in this package for the actual economy just a kicking of the proverbial can down the road, income inequality has in no way been addressed.

They have had a year at this, and what we get is quite frankly utter garbage.

The whole bloody lot of them need a fright.

How is that for an independent bipartisany view of the whole rotten circus?

Now to get the lemon meringue beef pie out of the oven, oh yummy, the dogs are in for a treat.

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