There comes a time when a spade has to be called a spade. And it's plain to see that there are many members in the House that are just plain incompetent and don't get procedure or what the hell they vote on.

Obama's very generous $250K marginal tax rate translates to $20,833 a month income that would remain at Bush rates. Republicans demanded relief for income earners up to $400K and $450K for couples which translates to $33,333/mo and $37,500/mo respectively before the marginal rate kicks in. This is insane.

In walks Cantor and blows the whole thing up. Cantor and his troglodyte caucus want to fiscal cliff and debt ceiling us into oblivion. Their proposals /wish list are a clear road to austerity, economic contraction, lower GDP and sustained recession and low job rates. They either don't care and/or like being mendacious. It's not about spending. They're the ones who legislated this stuff, the debt ceiling is concerned with what has already been spent, it has nothing to do with going forward, and they don't seem to get that.

cut cut cut. Sure Republicans want to cut stuff and then lessen their obligations to their own legislation and lower the debt. But the bulk of the debt is owed to regular Americans either in the form of social insurance or small investments in the stock market. China has some, but then we buy their crap, so they are not really a problem. Japan has some too, but same thing, we maintain a large amount of trade with Japan. Basically, the Republicans are renegers. Deadbeats. They've got theirs. Cushy jobs with no requirements other than breathing and being 25 or older. Yet they're holding up the farm bill, UI and milk subsidies so that they can bitch and moan about people who make more in a month than most people make in a whole year.

Despicable and incompetent.

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