(1) The U.S. government is supposed to be made up of three co-equal branches, including the Executive branch, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch.  The government is supposed to have the last word when it comes to "governance," laws, and regulatory oversight.  This type of governmental structure was born from experience of thousands of years of tyrannical governments, when our Founding Fathers drafted the U.S. Constitution, carefully designing check and balances to protect the citizens from tyrannical rule.

(2) The magalomaniacal vermin in the ruling class, including billionaires and certain type of corporate leaders and organizations, never rest in their attempt to usurp democratic power in order to enslave the population; that tendency never ends.  Since they have a lot of resources and money and time, they prod, and try to find weaknesses in the system until they are able to find the right loopholes necessary to undermine democracy.

(3) And so patiently they go about implementing strategies meant to undermine the proper function of government.  As they do this, the power of the democratic government diminishes, and the power of the plutonomy increases accordingly (at a faster and faster rate).  Since there are no well-defined check and balances in the "stealthy" or "sneaky" or (creeping fascism) power of the plutonomy, once they have corrupted the government, then their power increases exponentially--to the detriment of the citizenry.

(4) All these recent exhibitions of total government dysfunction seemingly caused by the extreme cult-like and fascistic Republican right wing, are just a manifestation of power transfer from the moribund and weakened government to the plutonomy, exactly as designed.  The two major political parties' establishments are now part of the plutonomy, as their political leadership has been bought off, and now basically do the bidding of their masters.

Nobody is going to help the citizenry; we are on our own.  Keep in mind that this is being done, easily, by a tiny, tiny percentage of the population (1%) to the rest (99%).

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