For God Sack, whom ever your God may be, can people; Politicians, Journalists, and people here stop saying that tax rates are permanent?!?  The last I looked, the tax code was not the Constitution, and even it can be changed, (27 Amendments anyone?).

So you don't like the deal to avert the fiscal curb because it sets the tax threshold at $400K for individuals, and $450k for families?  I get that.  I agree.  It should have been $250K or even lower, but it is not.  

If by permanent you mean there is no statutory end date, then say that.  Yes, there are no sunset provisions in this deal.  However, if you want to change the rates on the group between $250k and $450k, then fight it out after all the shit coming down the pike has been resolved.  Fight it out in the next election cycle or two or three.  Those fights won't be easy, but rest assured, you can and should have them if you really want them.

BTW, if I was a betting person, I would say that there are going to be some very interesting negotiations over other parts of the code (cap gains, shelters, deductions, etc) as we go forward.  PBO said as much on Monday.  I guess he figures he can make up the diffference of what he lost in this current deal.

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