CNN just showed video of a happy former President Clinton helping Hillary get into a black sedan to take her home from the hospital to continue her successful recovery. Chelsea is reported to be with them as well. I don't have the CNN video yet, but this New York Daily News article has a picture of Secretary Clinton leaving the hospital.

Hillary Clinton seen leaving hospital after blood clot treatment

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was spotted leaving days after checking in for treatment for a blood clot near her brain.

Hillary Clinton leaving Columbia University Medical Center Wednesday.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, only days after checking into a New York hospital for a blood clot near her brain, was seen smiling Wednesday as she left the hospital.

Secretary Clinton had been admitted to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia, for a blood clot between her skull and brain near the right ear. She is reported to be in good health and spirits, suffering no neurological damage and she was reported to be ' "smiling and wearing a pair of sunglasses."


Days ago I reported that:

CNN just reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's blood clot is behind her right ear between the skull and the brain. I believe they called it a right venous transverse sinus thrombosis.  

She is reported to be in good spirits, and with her family and should make a full recovery.

She did not have a stroke nor has she suffered any neurological damage, and she is doing "quite well."

CNN is making a mystery of where she is going, but I originally presumed it was to go home.  

In any case, once again, on behalf of all of us here I extend our best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We love you Hillary! Get well soon!  


2:04 PM PT: Jacque Wilson, of CNN reports Clinton's future 'as good as her past,' docs say.

(CNN) -- Doctors say Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to a full recovery after a blood clot was found in her head on Sunday night. ...

Blood clots wouldn't deter her from campaigning if that's what she chooses, said Dr. Jack Ansell, an expert in thrombosis at Lenox Hill Hospital who is not involved in Clinton's care.

"Travel is potentially an issue for the secretary, but I would imagine that when she travels she's not sitting in a coach seat, cramped up and sitting still," Ansell said.

Clinton may remain on blood thinners for several months or for the foreseeable future, said Dr. Evan Lipsitz, chief of vascular surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, who is not treating the secretary of state.

Patients on blood thinners need to avoid physical trauma, Cushman said, but are otherwise fine. So while an NFL player or a construction worker would probably be out, Clinton's career going forward is still full of possibilities.

"I think her future is as good as her past," Ansell said. "She should recover fully and get back to work."

Since I hadn't really expected HIllary Clinton to play NFL football, or do construction work, I'm not discouraged  by this limitation at all. We need her much more as a stateswoman helping us with political issues. "Let the President Clinton fix the shingles on the roof."

CNN is now reporting that she may be going to some other location, but does not believe she is going home. A doctor was seen getting into the van so she CNN speculates that she may be going somewhere else for tests. She has been on the phone with her staff. She looks good.

3:31 PM PT: As of 630 pm CNN is reported that a State Department spokesperson is confirming that Hillary Clinton has been discharged from the hospital,  and she is doing very well.

The Clinton family extends its thanks and appreciation for all of the well wishes received from the public.  

3:45 PM PT: CNN just ran a long segment on the outrageous false accusation by people like John Bolton accusing Clinton of having the "Bengazhi flu."  Our Democratic punded "Kiki something I missed her last name" was excellent and denounced this ugliness effectively.

3:56 PM PT: Hillary Clinton Discharged From Hospital

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been released from a New York hospital where she was treated for a blood clot in her head.

Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines says her doctors advised her that she has been making progress on all fronts and are confident she will make a full recovery. ...

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been speaking with staff and reviewing paperwork from the New York hospital where she is recovering from a blood clot in her head, the State Department said Wednesday.

"She's been quite active on the phone with all of us," said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

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