So, my husband and I were talking last night about the economy, which matters to us both less and more than it matters to people who have -- or wish they still had -- more regular jobs.

On the one hand, as writers, we're dependent on people having enough money to be able to afford to buy books, and in a bad economy, library lending goes up.

On the gripping hand, we're not dependent on one employer/one paycheck. We have many employers in our readers, and more flexibility in how we can contrive to get paid for our work:  We could start a Kickstarter campaign, for example; or (as we've done in the past) write a novel using the storyteller's bowl model.

Having established my-and-our enormous inadequacies as economists, I have a question for the group mind, below the squiggle.

Much ado is made of Mr. Bush putting two wars on "the credit card," that, is, without selling war bonds or making the slightest push to fund his hobbies, while giving tax! cuts! to! all!  

Given the continuing dysfunction of almost everyone associated with it, can/should/ought the Federal Government sell bonds for, oh -- disaster relief, infrastructure repair, painting the roses red, &c?  Or is the economy just too awful to realistically expect to raise any money by bond sales?


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