Stay warm out there, folks.  

Tonight, a few recipes:

First, a flourless cake from an older What's For Dinner: Clementines

I first made this recipe for a local Bakers Dozen meeting in Ann Arbor. Once a month several people would make the same recipe and then bring it to Kitchen Port, a wonderful store, which sadly closed a few years ago. It carried anything your imagination could conjure for your kitchen. We met in the demo area and examined the fruits of everyone's labors. And then we tasted. We discussed the differences and tried to figure why. Our discussions about the Clementine Cake centered around the almonds.

I choose to grind slivered almonds in a food processor. The cake's texture was dense and moist. Most of the other participants purchased almond flour. Their cakes were lighter and rose a little more. Both methods tasted equally delicious.  

It is apparently National Cream Puff Day.  I don't know why, but here is a recipe from King Arthur Flour Company.  
Cream Puffs

I think the steps will be important.  

Silly photo:

Jon and Stephen will return to us in 5 days.  

I wish I knew where they would start.  ;-)  So much material, so little time.  

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