Nearly every media outlet is saying the fiscal cliff deal is a good debt.  As Lawrence O'donnell said tonight that it is the 'best' deal that Democrats could negotiate from Republicans.

That is probably true.  But that is only true because of the word negotiate.

If Democrats didn't negotiate at all, all the Bush tax cuts would have expired and that revenue woul have tripled.

I just cannot believe the idea that this compromise was a win for Democrats.

I've done the math about the amount of revenue that was compromised away for the sake of 30 billion in unemployment extensions.

Republicans won this battle because they achieved an enormous decrease in tax increases on the wealthy.

Democrats lost because they voted for a tax decrease for the wealthy.  A permanent one.

Not to mention the rest of the tax decreases which were voted for by Democrats.

Don't be fooled by the media.  Republicans voted for the permanent tax cuts for the wealthy and won.

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