I'd blame it on global warming, but actually it's human cold-hearted greed that's behind this blurring and smearing of the seasons.

I saw Valentine's Day cards on sale at the grocery store the week before Christmas, and yesterday, I saw Easter egg dyes being sold in the stores. They skipped Mardi Gras.

Holiday seasons no longer have definition.  The wholesale hucksters comingle the holidays randomly, and it's getting worse as retail business management seeks to lure people in to spend what few dollars they've been left.

It's a feeding frenzy out there.

Normally. I don't shop between Thanksgiving and New Year's other than essential groceries. Even the grocery stores are selling less food and more junk.  Aisles of non-grocery items like Valentine's Day cards and Easter egg dyes and star garlands in red, white, and blue jostle for space with Halloween black cats and turkey feather pumpkins and Christmas cards. Retailers are hoping people will impulsively part with their money - money people no longer have because taxes are up, raises are nonexistent, and employment is scarce even if the jobs are still there.

It's like some bizarre retailer meltdown.  "Buy, buy, buy.....please, won't you buy my sweet red roses? Look, Easter chickies!  Come on, you gotta love chocolates boxed in a red cellophane heart! What kind of consumer are you that would let my children starve because you won't buy this red and white striped hat with a blue and white star brim? I got plush Halloween cats and plastic rats and LED Christmas trees.  I got it all, why aren't you buying????!!?!?"

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