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You know, at some point I should make a banner for the weekly post. Maybe even name it something besides "Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild Update" though considering how long that name's been in use, that ship has probably sailed.

I should also research a weekly WoW news item for the post. On the one hand, I don't want to make the post too  long to comfortably read, but on the other hand too often I feel like all I do is cut and paste what everyone else sends me. The gripping hand is, the post is supposed to be about you and what you're doing.

That's my personal to-do list, such as it is, for the weekly post this year. As always, feel free to contact me in one of the many, many ways I'm available online if you have suggestions or something you want included.

With that, here's Ninotchka with the Team Kaels report:

Happy New Year from all of us raiders in Team Kaels! We had a skeleton crew over the holidays, as folks travelled and went to parties and battled rhinoviruses instead of pixel monsters. Last Friday night we managed to pull together a Frankenstein raid, using 6 people from our team and 4 generous volunteers from Team RubiPam (Flintpaw, Pamena, Corwynn and Jazzi) and we took on Mogu’shan Vaults. Considering 3 of our people had never seen the last 2 fights, we did pretty OK. So OK, in fact, that we got several shiny new achievements for our guests, including the most fun raid achievement in the game. http://www.wowhead.com/...

Most of our regular team is back from holidays this week, aside from our Canadian warlock who I suspect is somewhere under 12 feet of snow hexing Santa’s reindeer, so we blasted through the first three bosses in Heart o’ Fear so far this week and got some really good looks at the fourth.

I have to tell you a personal side to this. I’ve always hated Recount, but for some reason I installed it in my new machine, and started looking at it after the fights. This was a big mistake while we were struggling with the enrage timer on Garalon, since I was at the rock bottom of damage done, and close to the top on damage taken. I began thinking that I was a horrible drain on the raid and it might be time to start begging everyone to find a replacement. Then we downed the boss, and got to the next guy, Mel’jarak. I had watched a video where the author spent the second half ranting about how incredibly overpowered paladin tanks were for this fight. The rest of the raid was kind enough to try the experiment of letting me single-tank it. And, oh my gosh, they were right, paladin tanks are ridiculous in the first phase of this fight. I topped the damage meters by a ridiculous amount. And I topped the healing meters by a ridiculous amount. Blizzard, please don’t swing the nerf bat too hard.

So we have high hopes of killing this guy very soon, if we can manage to keep people from being amber prisoned too often, and keep the right bugs stunned. Wish us luck.

Here's the Team RubiPam Report from Pamena:
Team RubiPam is in a transition phase right now, with some members moving on, and new members joining up. Last week, without Rubidium our battlefield general, but with a couple of new folks, we managed to get the Stone Guard down, but got hung up on Feng (note to self: no, we really cannot two heal that one yet). Tuesday night, we fell victim to Rubidium's computer rebuild project and had to cancel, but that allowed Corwynn to fill in on Team Kaels so he got to see a lot of HOF we have not done yet, which will be very useful. And thanks so much to Nina and Ash for including 4 of us in the Friday night "Frankenstein" raid - it was great for us to see the rest of MSV, and my confidence was somewhat boosted, even though I kept failing to keep Ash alive in the Will of the Emperor, sorry Ash! Still, very good experience.

We're going to be cycling through several new people over the next few weeks, as various team members are out for vacations and in Elu's case, his wedding - we will miss him, but wish him and his lady (as he always refers to her with us) MUCH joy and happiness! We are looking forward to making faster progress in the new year - our DPS have really stepped it up, and we may even have a raid sighting of the rarely spotted (these days) DKosmamabird! Not to mention the returned and renewed Baelzebabe!

In other news, we once again had a successful Sha fight Saturday night - I was unable to organize anything after because of the Grading Exams boss I had to fight alone, but Cernun organized several people to do an LFR which I understand was quite successful with good loots for many. We will keep doing the Sha each week, and I hope people will suggest old raids they'd like to blitz through as a second activity for Saturday nights, or, alternatively, keep doing the LFR - it's a lot more fun if you're in vent with other guildies to kvetch and explain!

We have had a LOT of returning members surface over the last couple of weeks, which is so good to see - a reminder to anyone who reads this, please put an entry onto our Introductions and Census forum thread, to introduce yourself a bit to your guildmates.

And here's an update from Tvath on the post-Saturday Night Massacre guild achievement fest:
Saturday night after the traditional Sha of Anger takedown, several guild members stayed online far into the night, and at some point someone looked at the guild achievement list. We were 136 fish away from "Pandaren Angler" (which rewards the guild that catches 25,000 of the little flippers) and just one scenario away from "More Fun With Friends" (honoring the guild for completing 100 scenarios -- shorter than dungeons, requiring only three players). An all-priest team -- Chanta, Joravic and Tvath -- tackled the scenario, and then everyone fished like mad until Bussho caught the final fish. Appropriately enough, it was a rare Flying Tiger Gourami.
And as always, here's the Tab 3 report from Mahuae:
Tab 3 report:

Contender's Satin Cuffs, lvl 90 cloth (two of these)
Helm of Elemental Binding, lvl 85 mail
Phantasmal Hammer, lvl 85 mace
Qu'nas' Apocryphal Legplates, lvl 87 plate
Shadowfire Necklace of the Bouldercrag, of the Fireflash,lvl 85, ilvl 415

And that's the first week of 2013...for the Horde!
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