They took our pensions,
and Washington gave 165 Million to ‘certain’ railroads for track maintenance (we do need massive infrastructure overhaul)

They foreclosed our homes,
and Washington gave us Hollywood film studio subsidies.

They took our jobs,
and Washington gave Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and other wealthy entities tax exempt financing as they are in the New York Liberty Zone.

They took our savings,
and Washington gave banks a 9 billion offshore financing loophole.

They saw us hungry,
and hesitated in re-passage of a farm bill enabling us to buy food.

They gave us wars,
our soldiers died, came back forever scarred, and China bought in excess of 1.4 Trillion of our government.

They destroyed most of the provisions for elderly in-home care,
and gave tax subsidies to foreign subsidiaries.

They took $250,000 off the table,
and betrayed us with lies, robbing us of revenues based on a higher $400 to 450,000 benchmark.

They witnessed the hurricane catastrophe that occurred in our donor states,
and we watched in horror as representatives from our welfare states denied fellow Americans urgently needed assistance.

They decimated our middle class,
and Washington gave Nascar 43 Million in tax subsidies.

They dropped our net worth 47%,
and gave corporations ongoing depreciation incentives.

They robbed us of hope,
and Washington gave corporations a total of at least 205 Billion in “obscured” subsidies.

… And all the while, they manipulatively used media to paint lipstick on the pig, proclaiming victory, or to curse us- without understanding or caring about the magnitude of the people’s undoing. America is now traversing a new horror-scape: A cruel post-modern plutocratic form of poisoned partisanship: A passion play of tyranny. They have failed us, the entire lot of them.

And so many of our youth, through distraction and derision, don’t realize that this is the apocalyptic event of our time.

11:03 AM PT: Thanks to Kos Member bobswern's piece for prompting this writing


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