We'll have to wait weeks to see if we see filibuster reform. It's still possible as long as we have a very long "first day" in the Senate. By going into recess the Senate can extent that special day indefinitely.


The 113th U.S. Senate begins today, and there's been speculation -- all well-sourced -- that it might start with a fight over the filibuster. That might still happen. Technically, it might still happen "today." By that, I mean it may happen on January 22.

This gets confusing. The Senate's first day begins at noon, with the swearing-in of new senators. The day doesn't end, however, until Harry Reid says it ends, and the Senate adjourns. And Reid has announced that when "work" is over this afternoon, the Senate will go into recess, allowing this day to roll over. That matters, because only on the first day of business can the Senate vote on its rules package, with a mere 51-vote majority needed to approve them.

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