Google's News feature could probably use some tweaking.  I probably have 30 or more sections on my Google News page each tailored to my preferences and pulling news where possible from my preferred sources.  It's not always easy to set those preferences perfectly.

In addition to my political and local news sections I have an Israel section, which supposedly would allow me to keep up with happenings in the Middle East related to Israel, the country.  A few weeks ago my Israel section was delivering content related to Israel Keyes an American mass murderer.  Prior to that, any time Israel Adoniji (the NFL defensive lineman) made the news, he also made it into my Israel news section.  Even though these items weren't related to the country Israel, I could live with it and I learned more about the mass murderer and the Bears defensive line than I normally would.

I am a nerd, I use Linux, and Android (hacked of course) is the only operating system allowed on my phones.  So I have a section on my news page called Google Android.

As some of you may know, one of the incarnations of the Android operating system is code named "Gingerbread".  But that Android section has been driving me nuts.  Rarely was there an actual article on Google's Gingerbread, instead I was learning about every gingerbread house created in this vast country of ours.  I was seeing 300,000 variations of gingerbread recipes, sometimes the same recipe was repeated many days in a row.  Today I was going to figure out how to tweak my Android section or delete it entirely.  

Until I saw this headline: Kama Sutra Gingerbread Cookie Cutters: Not For Family Christmas Parties (NSFW? Maybe?).

From the article:

The cutters themselves look just playfully naughty, but as usual the icing takes the whole thing to the next level. The use of the artfully decorated studded leather masks, leash, and hats are creative, ... And it will probably have ol' grandma to averting her octogenarian eyes.
Now I am on the fence again, if I change my preferences am I going to miss any news about erotic Ice Cream Sandwiches?  To quote Kelly Bundy: "... I'm on the horns of an enema".

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