Since this is my first diary, I will start by introducing myself. I'm Diana, originally from California. In 2007 I met my husband on-line. Things moved sort of quickly and we got married just a little under 2 years later. The thing is, he's British and we had to decide where to begin our lives together. It was not a hard choice. We chose to settle in the UK because we thought we would have a better quality of life here, not to mention he was still at university so it just made more sense for me to make the move. It's now been almost 4 years since I made the move. The time has whizzed by and I haven't regretted what I did.

Back in California, I threw myself into progressive causes. Went door to door for progressive candidates, fund-raised, wrote letters, you name it. After moving, all I could really do is donate money and keep up to date on Daily Kos and other progressive sites. I joined Democrats Abroad but all their events are in London (usually on week nights), which is a 2 hour train journey away.

After 4 years, I'm starting to feel like I really want to make myself more useful over here. I really hate what the Conservatives are doing to the country, to the NHS, to university students, to the benefits system, the anti-immigration rhetoric to try to placate people who they're worried may vote for one of the more far-right parties. Sticking it to the poor and workers in favor of the wealthy, same old story. I know there are progressives here. I've spoken to plenty. I think most of them are just really sick of all the main parties, as they've all been moving steadily to the right (sound familiar?).

I can't vote yet, but I will be able to in time for the next election. Anyway, what I would really like is to find some sort of progressive community or organization I could be involved in. Of course, I'm not expecting to find anything nearly as amazing as Daily Kos! I haven't found anything so far. Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough, but there just doesn't seem to be much of a progressive grassroots in these parts. Any ideas?

This first diary is sort of intended to be an introduction, a rant, and a question. I love this community - it has kept me sane for the better part of 8 years. I lurked a lot during the awful Bush years.


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