I have a good friend that I have been lunching with for ten years. She and I have helped each other through many challenging life events during our weekly lunch therapy. She is one of the smartest ppl I know. She's a bad ass. She has a black belt in karate, she's taught theology, she has a license to practice law, she volunteered with me during Obama's 08 campaign, she teaches conceal and carry classes (very successful too).

You know what's next....

We haven't had lunch in a while due to the holidays, so we made a date for today. I was a little nervous in light of the Newtown and the resurgence of gun control. You see after the mass shooting in Omaha, she and I had a discussion where it became very clear that we found a topic which we disagreed. I decided that I should try to avoid this topic going forward bc really, what could two ppl do?

So this morning I got ready but thought about canceling, but I thought she knows how I feel. Well, lunch was great! I was relieved. Then the check came. She asked if we could discuss the gun thing. I shouldn't have agreed. I tried to be neutral. I asked questions but I guess she thought I was questioning her intelligence bc she started getting angry. Something I've NEVER seen in ten years. Her right eye was literally twitching. She eventually called me stupid for not understanding the constitution and the laws. I'm not stupid, I just don't agree. She told me that her guns were for protecting her family from the government. I almost laughed out loud, that angered her even more. Of course I said "you have an irrational fear of the government". I should not have said that. I should have realized that she angry over her perceived threat of the government taking her guns away. I should have been better bc I really don't think that our discussion was going to change what will or will not happen. I should have valued her friendship more.

This women has seen me through the darkest momemts of my life. After my mom died, and my son's illness, i sank into a dark pit of depression. She was the only person to confront me and tell me I needed help and then recommended a therapist for me.

I sent her a text saying I was truly sorry for offending her.

I don't think she will forgive me.

I want to cry.

Update: she replied "thank you, we're cool"

You ppl are amazing! Thanks so much for your advice and wisdom!


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