Badabing, passed away on December 3rd, 2012, and when I heard the news of her passing, I couldn’t believe she was gone. That fiery voice, who railed against economic injustice, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, and the constant attacks on the safety net, was now forever gone. I am writing this diary to remember Badabing and to honor her memory. Others who considered her a friend, and appreciated her diaries are welcome to join in to remember her and to mourn her passing.

I stayed in touch with Badabing through Facebook as she was battling health problems until I last heard from her in March, and she always was concerned about what was happening to our country, and the current state of politics. She cared so much, and she felt everything intensely. The things she wanted the most was to see economic fairness restored back to this country, with a strong middle class, and for the banks to be punished. She was an unapologetic progressive activist online, but that's not all she was.

She was an amazing jazz musician, an avid gardener, a great chef, and a writer. To her family, she was "Sissy" Cecilia Smith, a wonderful wife, a great mother, and a grandmother to three grandchildren. Here is her obituary in the Boston Globe below:

Cecilia McGuinn Smith passed away on Monday, December 3rd, 2012. Born on February 15, 1950 in Mesa, Arizona, Cecilia was a musician and performed in Massachusetts, Colorado and California. In 1995 she was the featured artist at Steppin' Out, Boston's premier jazz event, where her CD, "A Child is Born", was released as a benefit to the Boston Pediatric Aids Project and the Dimock Community Health Center. Cecilia was an amazing chef, an avid gardener, and a writer who penned dozens of short stories and novels in her spare time. She was a tremendously spiritual woman who readily shared her gifts with those in need.

Cecilia married Paul Bryan Smith at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on May 12, 1979. Cecilia is survived by her husband Paul, her beloved daughter Elizabeth Lantz Crone and her husband William J. Crone, and three grandchildren: Hannah Cecilia Crone, Willem Morrell Crone and Samuel Paul Crone. Cecilia is survived by her sister Eileen McGuinn of St Louis, Missouri and two brothers, Dennis M. McGuinn and Terrence McGuinn, both of Edisto Island, South Carolina. Her two dearest friends, Susan Connelly of Saint George, Maine and Elise Freda of Kingston, Massachusetts, also survive Cecilia.

Badabing was so kind, and she cared so much for those around her, online, and in the world. She is sorely missed, and she was a fantastic lady. Rest in peace, Badabing, and may you be singing proudly and clear up in heaven like I know you are :-)

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