Although I am not in Lamborn's district, I am in his state.  And he just voted against funding the flood insurance payouts for the victims of Sandy.  I am embarrassed for our state that this non-human is one of our representatives.  And, Chris, I am sorry.  So very sorry.

Lamborn complains that Obama has declared too many disasters and the US shouldn't pay for any more of them.  It isn't as if these disasters were invited, as if they come on a schedule that you can predict.  It was all well and good to give disaster aid to the Waldo Canyon victims, but Sandy is just one too many.  

This is only the first of three bills, and the most obvious one.  People had paid for flood insurance, and now all they ask in this bill is that those claims be paid.  It is an obligation undertaken by this country and it is long overdue.  The other two bills are for the relief that flood insurance does not cover, and the amount requested is below what these people need to get back to normal.  The other two bills will cover the types of things that the Waldo Canyon victims needed covered - over and above the legitimate claims of those who PAID for their flood insurance.  They had been responsible citizens, doing what they were supposed to do. Lamborn couldn't even vote yes for that.  So what will he say to the other two bills?

Lamborn will claim he is representing his constituents.  I cannot imagine a constituency that would consider itself well represented by someone who would allow our fellow Americans to suffer after a major disaster.  I do not know many Coloradoans who would agree that helping these victims is a bad thing.  We are Americans, we take care of those who are suffering from disaster.

It is clear that we need to replace Lamborn.  Chris, I know that you campaigned on his behalf, and that many people from your state and New York contributed to his campaign.  His war chest was so big, nobody could be found to run against him - the slope was too steep.  But he has thanked you by voting to refuse your state the help it needs, even the most basic help.  I am ashamed and appalled.  

I would like to make a deal with you:  If we can find someone to run against this man, a good democrat or even a sensible republican (these words did not used to be an oxymoron), if you will help fund this person or at least refrain from helping Lamborn, we will work our tails off to get this person elected.  

Anybody who has slapped New York and New Jersey in the face this hard should be replaced.  I stand ready to help you see that happen.

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