The purpose of having you people there in Washington and making your lives so very much better than those you pretend to govern is that government has a purpose that is vital. It is the way we accomplish all those things we can not do individually.   The  idea that you can sit there and destroy that government is nothing other than a very ugly form of treason.  The idea that you can take what we paid for Social Security and Medicare and negotiate about whether or not you will allow us to have what we worked so hard for is a form of fraud among other things.  The idea that you can subsidize the oil industry as we see their profits made by selling carbon fuels that will possibly cause our species to go extinct is criminal.  If you think it is time to stop this then read on below.

I will make this short.  There is no time to go on with the political theater we have endured up to now.  I am 76, and almost 77.  I have worked all my life to make it possible for those who follow to live as well or better than I have.  That  was a mistake and a big one for we were bought out by these con artists.

We built an economy that let us consume and waste mindlessly to the detriment of our survival.  We lived off the labor of people who were nothing more than slaves.

The theater goes on but we do nothing to stop it.  We pretend we have a democratic form of government as we watch the plutocrats amass more power and wealth using us and dooming future generations.

We just played the election game for them again.  What did it achieve?  It got more money into their hands, used our resources and energy and insured their continued ability to control us.  Now we continue to play their game.

Nero was an activist by comparison.  Fiddling while  Rome burned?  We are pouring fuel on the fire.  I have been totally disgusted by the events leading to his election and since.  It is mind boggling to read the diaries speaking as if these events have meaning.

I'm sorry folks but this is to sad to be funny.  Do you really think there is hope for the future with this system grinding on? You really don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing!


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