With the fiscal cliff crisis over, and while the ink that sealed the deal is still wet, the drama continues. During this last crisis, it was a sure thing the Republicans would lose. However, there is a desperate side America came to know about the Republican Party that bares no shame. When their backs are against the wall, and they have little to none bargaining tools, most terrorist do what: take hostages to increase their leverage. The Republican's tactic, a page out of hostage taking 101, has a victim, a ransom, and a self destructive nature to it.

The Republicans played this hostage game with the fiscal cliff crisis and was willing to hurt real people in the process. Yes, real people would of been hurt when their unemployment benefits dried up. In the state of Illinois alone. 90,000 unemployed people would of loss their benefits. The national figure surely would of been much bigger.

Cutting entitlements has been a stable in the Republicans "wish" list for years. After all is said and done, the Republicans own this gaol as it it were the 11nt commandment. Cut social security, cut welfare spending, cut food stamps, but just don't cut military spending. For Republicans, cutting how much we are able to destroy another country is usually off the table. However, cutting the benefits of the poor and middle class was on the table during the fiscal cliff crisis, and, in case you didn't know it, they will be included in the up coming debt ceiling crisis.

The fearless behavior the Republicans enjoy is built on a tried and proven premise: Voters Forget. What else could it be? They didn't have any other sound advantage regarding the fiscal cliff crisis, and as it stands, they don't seem to have one for the debt ceiling crisis. When politicians, or anyone for this matter, plays around with people's money, you can throw that idea about forgetting right out the window. The 2014 elections will bare this out.


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