Hamas allows Fatah supporters to celebrate the 48th anniversary of its' founding in Gaza City.

Protesters demonstrate against the IDF blocking a main road connecting Susya to hospitals & schools.

Under the recent ceasefire, Israel is allowing gravel & concrete into Gaza.

Settlers harass Palestinians in Urif & Jalude (both near Nablus), while the IDF protects them.

Schools in Gaza suffer from overcrowding & the pupils' war-induced trauma.

Residents of Issawia (part of Jerusalem) protest after their water is disconnected.

Gaza Uncut looks at the ceasefire & how well Israel follows it.

Sir David Frost interviews Shimon Peres.

Arrest of an African refugee for rape leads to protests in Tel Aviv.  This despite the fact that rape among Israelis is at a higher rate than among refugees.

Two settler parties look like they will gain votes in the coming Israeli elections.

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