I live in the NYC area, I was effected by the storm, my house was damaged and my car was damaged.  I was without power for weeks and it took a financial toll on myself.  I had to wait in the longest gaslines I have ever seen hours for a gallon of gas.  The local gas station looked like as it was the "End of Days".  Im still living through it to an extent and my wallet is much lighter.  

So, with that said, I am against any so called Sandy hurricane aid law which does not provide my area with 100% of the funds.  The current legislation on the table does not provide my area with 100%.  Instead, its going to other programs such as a federal daycare program, a weatherstation in Florida and fisheries in Alaska.  

If you are going to legislate to send aid to the New York area then please send ALL of the aid.  I am all for $60 billion in aid and so I want the full $60 billion.  I am sure these other programs within the law are for good causes, but they can go in a separate law.  

Yes, please send us the aid, please send it now, and dont let other robber barons within Congress earmark it for their area which did not feel the pain like we did here.

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