The actor Danny Glover has started a petition at SignOn to have Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman nominated as Secretary of the Treasury.


This is really not a diary to argue the pros and cons of such a move because my mind is rather closed on that point: I see no downside to having Krugman as Secretary.    Rather I'm writing to let you know the petition exists, and to urge you to sign it.  

You are, of course, free to argue about it in your comments and even to tell me I'm a pie in the sky optimist.  Just sign it though, m'kay?

Last May I heard Professor Krugman speak at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.
He was of course extremely intelligent and very articulate. But he was also very moving as he articulated the pain and frustration he felt knowing that so much of the economic suffering so many are going through right now is totally unnecessary.  Here's is the Commonwealth Club page that has the audio link to that evening.  It contains his thoughts on what political leaders can and must do:


Here's a link to his most recent book End this Depression Now, which is being released in paperback this month:


So I think I've padded this enough to have it be passable as a diary.  Please sign the petition and pass it along to friends and family and total strangers on the street.


Paul Krugman is the best nominee for Secretary of Treasury

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