It has to be something in the fucking water.

On one side of the pond we have a group of lunatics saying that shutting down government wouldn't be too bad an option, and by god they are prepared to sacrifice the economy if they don't get their pacifier back.

On the other side of the pond it has been pointed out that "austerity" after all was like holding a gun to your own head and saying, "if you don't surrender the hostage gets it"

Then we have a  man that cannot control his own bladder hugging macho man himself in a gratuitous display of utter dickishness.

We give these people the time of day?

Jesus H fucking Christ, it is beyond belief. Yet there they are on the front pages around the world.

All publicity is good publicity!

Especially when serious people take the clowns seriously.

Hey look if we shut the government down it wont be so bad.

If we strangle the economy it will grow, we just need to throw more people out of work. The younger generation? "Stuff em".

Hey look, I'm an asshole, go see my next film, yah, right.

I'm just too goddamned tired to listen to these idiots anymore

Hey let's just miss.

The effects of climate change.

The surging cost of food prices.

The effects of our policies on violence at home and abroad.

Why bother when we can make the rich richer, and when they flee; give them a prime time slot.


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