Delaware Dem currently has a diary on the rec list about some incredibly racist Spanish-language signs at a pair of playgrounds (at least) in Milford, Delaware.  Cliff Notes version:  the English-language signs merely say that kids need adult supervision to use the playground, but the Spanish signs imply that if you don't have a permit to play there, you'll be arrested.  The difference is far too great for this to be a good-faith error.

Well, it turns out that the playgrounds are located at two elementary schools in the area, per a couple of updates from Delaware Dem:  Lulu M. Ross Elementary School and Mispillion Elementary School.  Which means that we need to lean heavily on both the Milford School Board and the Milford parks and rec department to take these signs down.  

For the school board, here's a page with contact information for the entire board.  

Drop Mary Betts, the city superintendent for parks and recreation, a line at the following:

Email:  mbetts@milford-de.gov
Phone: (302) 422-1104
Fax: (302) 422-0409

Also, sign this petition calling for these signs to be taken down.  I know a lot of people have reservations about Change.org, but it's the only petition site I could find that allows you to both email the targets directly and post pictures.

2:19 PM PT: Per Delaware Dem, the (Wilmington) News Journal reports that the signs have been taken down.  Apparently when she learned about it, she told her husband to get his tools and take them down immediately.

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