CALLING AVAILABLE SALT LAKE CITY KOSSACKS.  Let's be there for this rally being organized to demand cleaner Utah air and 21st Century energy solutions.

Thursday, January 10-11 is Governor Herberts Energy Summit.  The Summit agenda is below the orange thingy.

Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah - HEAL has organized the rally.  The announcement

Heal Utah Rally January 10, 2013 1230PM Salt Palace
The groups will meet and protest here.  A press conference is being promised:

Location: Outside the Salt Palace Convention Center
Corner of 200 South and West Temple

From the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance -SUWA

Thursday, January 10, 2013

12:30pm MST

Salt Palace Convention Center
100 S West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Please join us as we rally outside of Governor Herbert’s Energy Summit to demand that our elected officials invest in Utah’s bountiful supply of renewable energy.

Inside the summit, lobbyists and state officials will be plotting how they can exploit dangerous resources like tar sands, oil shale and nuclear power — even though those will drain our precious water, destroy wildlife, spoil our fragile wilderness, pollute our air and contribute to the ongoing warming of our planet.

Hundreds of Utahns will gather to protest the Governor’s 19th Century dirty energy policies, highlighting how Utah is falling behind other states and countries which are making solar, wind, and geothermal resources affordable and available right now.

Bring your friends, family and neighbors to help send a message to our state leaders. Utahns deserve a clean energy future! Now! One voice! One message!

From the Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah - HEAL
Bring your friends, family and neighbors to help send a message to our state leaders: Utahns deserve a clean energy future!
WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS!  Air pollution has been found to reduce IQ in children, increase chances for autism, as well as damage their health.

Utah children and Einstein's brain

In this article, it is stated air pollution (paraphrased)

* impairs brain growth in the womb

* IQ - in a Boston study, kids living/breathing in most polluted parts of city had 9 point lower IQs.  

* Autism - Another new study strengthens the growing connection between air pollution exposure in the womb and in infancy and increased risk for autism. Utah has the highest rates of autism in the country

This Salt Lake Tribune article goes on to say:
Yet in no corner of state government is any of this making a dent in public policy.

Gov. Gary Herbert is poised to accept the inevitable dust bowl/pollution disaster that will be created by the Las Vegas/Snake Valley water grab.

He is determined to tie our economic future to the 19th century wagon of boom and bust gas, oil and coal.

His upcoming  energy summit in January is a game plan for bigger refineries in North Salt Lake,  digging up every carbon deposit in the state and burning it with no concern for the climate consequences, the lost water resources, and the smothering pollution that comes with it.

There is never a shortage of state funds for endless, "Los Angeles style" freeway construction and suburban sprawl. Mass transit is a mere afterthought.

The state's attempt to seize federal lands under the guise of funding education* is utter hypocrisy.

The pollution from digging and burning all that federal carbon will undermine anything achieved by smaller class sizes.

And now the frosting on the cake:

In complete contradiction of the science, the state is selling the idea that "moderate" pollution is not a health concern.

Where does all the Salt Lake and Uintah Valley pollution come from?

You can find details and pictures of some of the reasons Utah, and especially Salt Lake County, has such dangerously polluted air in the following article. More information can be found in the insightful comments attached to this Utah Air Quality diary.  

Is Utah's Air Quality Doomed to Remain Toxic Forever? It May be killing you now!

Here's the 2013 Governor's Energy Development Summit Agenda

Day 1

Utah Energy Summit, Day 1 Agenda

Day 2

Utah Energy Summit Day 2 Agenda

Want to be a Sponsor? This chart reminds me of the levels in a multi-level marketing scheme, btw

Energy Summit Sponsor Packages

Want to to register to attend?

You can find registration information here.  It costs $95 for the two days, not sure that includes the $50 award lunch with Governor Herbert.

It would be great if those who can afford both the time and money could attend this event and report back.


I will participate in the Clean Air Rally

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