Like Leo Strauss, Republicans know that the masses of Americans can’t be trusted to vote for policies that favor the rich if left to their own devices. They know the Rich are in danger of being outnumbered and outvoted and thus need the protection of Republicans and Conservative policy. Indeed, during the recent election, they regularly objected that poor people were voting in their own interest (which is obviously unnatural and wrong). Republicans in recent years have watched in horror as Democracy has repeatedly threatened to rear its ugly head and deny the Rich their rightful say, thus destroying our Economy and our all important Free Market.

But, Republicans have a hero in President Obama. He has worked tirelessly to protect them and their policies (and most importantly their Rich benefactors) from the forces of Democracy. When, at the end of the Cheney/Bush Regime, Republicans and their policies had been thoroughly rejected by the voters, President Obama was there bending over backwards to assure that Republicans and their policies would continue to receive consideration and acceptance despite the forces of Democracy and the voters who simply don’t know enough to vote correctly. His efforts continue to this day, bailing out Republicans when they're in dangerously vulnerable situations.

Republicans, along with President Obama, understand that America relies on Rich people and that their interests must be served above all others, since Rich people are obviously successful and know what’s best for America. The unwashed and unschooled masses can’t be allowed to upset the applecart and undermine the natural order of things. Fortunately, The President and the Republicans are on the job keeping all that is right and good about America safe from the disruptive forces of Democracy and the destructive tendency of voters to favor themselves over the interests of the more deserving Rich.


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