We all know that U.S House Speaker John Boehner is well-known to break out in tears, as he did recently after being reelected as House Speaker. John Boehner is a weeper, the only thing is, what he weeps about usually is something not worth weeping about. He wept uncontrollably once over an Iraq war spending bill.

This is what I would like to say to Mr. Boehner:

Find something worth weeping about John. Many of us Americans weep, just as we did recently when a madman with a gun, mowed down 26 people including 20 children at a school in Newtown, Connecticut. Right now, I myself could find a fresh batch of tears, just thinking about it.

Many Americans struggle every day just to put food on the table for their families while you as House Speaker, have struggled to assure that taxes do not go up on the ultra-rich.

While thousands of hungry children around the world every single day were fighting to survive, you were in Congress fighting hard to bring even more unwanted children into this world by anti-abortion legislation, all the while claiming to be working on jobs for the American people.

I am a big weeper just like you John, but I cry for the millions who live under dictatorships whose lives are nothing but a meager existence meant to please a small ruling party. I weep for what America could be under a government you seem to stand for, a government that honors the rich over everyone else.  

You as the House Speaker had the opportunity to do so much good, to lead your party down a road of bipartisanship and an earnest desire to care for the needs of all Americans. Instead, you chose to fight to end ObamaCare, a bill that finally guarantees health care for tens of millions of Americans. You also chose to listen to the extremist in your party and blocked a bill that would have not only provided over a million construction jobs, it would have fixed many of our schools and bridges.

Weep all you want Mr. Boehner, but please find a heart for the things that matter the most in this world. The bubble that you and most of your colleagues live in I think blinds you to the suffering and misery that exist in this world.  You now have a second chance to be a leader instead of a weeper and lead your party in another direction, a direction that shows you really care about all of us and not just the few.

Tears may lead many to believe you are a compassionate man, but your actions will always be the true indicator of what motivates you and what you care about most. So yes weep, and then get busy finding a path to bipartisanship and true leadership John, because that is what America wants and needs from you most of all.

Of all the House Speakers I have known, I think none have failed as miserably as you have at running a house of government. You did not lead the last two years; you followed. You allowed a small band of extremist to decide the direction of the legislative body you supposed to be in charge of, and you laid down for billionaires.

Your second term as House Speaker I hope shows us a more mature and ready-to-lead-and-not- follow, speaker. I also hope your future tears, are better directed toward reasons that actually deserve tears and not the usual twaddle that seems to carry your passion.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


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