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The playlist for Monday 7 January 9pm to Midnight Pacific Edition of The Justice Department: Musique sans Frontieres

 ~~ "So Long To The Sacred Palaces" ~~

1 - Porno For Pyros -- "Good God's Urge"
2 - Jeff Buckley -- "Eternal Life"
3 - Half Head Special -- "Dreamtime"
4 - Timebox -- "Tone"
5 - The Cranberries -- "Never Grow Old"
6 - Garbage -- "Milk"
7 - Bjork -- "The Hunter"
8 - Chris Whitley -- "To Joy"

Station Break

9 - Digable Planet -- "Cool Like That"
10 - U.F.O. -- "On est Ensemble sans Parler L.O.V.E."
11 - Hank Crawford -- "Whispering Grass"
12 - Modern Jazz Quartet -- "The Golden Striker"
13 - Rahsaan Roland Kirk -- "The Inflated Tear"
14 - Ray Charles -- "Sweet Sixteen Bars"
15 - Yusef Lateef -- "Nubian Lady"

Station Break

16 - Karsh Kale -- "Milan"
17 - Tamikrest -- "Aicha"
18 - Ali Farka Toure' -- "Inchan Massina"
19 - Claude Chaloub -- "Don't Wake Me Up"
20 - Burhan Ocal & The Trokya All Stars -- "Melike"
21 - Susheela Raman -- "Nagumono"

Station Break

22 - Ze Manel -- "Maron di Mar"
23 - Souad Massi -- "Malou"
24 - The Shaolin Afronauts -- "Kilimanjaro"
25 - Antibalas Afro Beat Orchestra -- "Battle of the Species"
26 - Sui Vesan -- "Rodast"
27 - The Budos Band -- "King Cobra"

Station Break

28 - Cake -- "I Will Survive"
29 - Beck -- "Loser"
30 - Laika & The Cosmonauts -- "Baja"
31 - Beth Orton -- "She Cries Your Name"
32 - Jaga Jazzist -- "Going Down"
33 - David Newman -- "Hard Times"
34 - Medeski, Martin & Wood -- "Uninvisible"

Station Break

35 - Monica Salmosa -- "Canto Em Qualquer Canto"
36 - Maria de Barros -- "Cabinda a Cunene"
37 - Gal Costa -- "A Linha e o Linha"
38 - Les Baxter -- "Tropicando"
39 - Martin Deny -- "Quiet Village"
40 - Ennio Morricone -- "La Bambola"
41 - Guard Che Luna -- "Richard Galliano"
42 - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 -- "Mas Que Nada"

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(12-String Ovation Balladeer Astoria, Oregon / copyright Justice Putnam)


the madder runs
like blood

lifeblood of
the livebud

that kindles next to earth

the hair on the church is water
the lovebirds curve their crutches down

so long
to the sacred

so long to the fingerbone that lingers on

if i’m alive
it’s no thanks to you

if i’m comatose
let’s make the most of it

tomato ghost

rude twilight

ruby tear

discipline disappears
between the shapeless necklace
and the cloudy robe of shrapnel

in the absence
of incense

no balm can grease
the throbbing temples

of the rotting world

-- Garrett Caples
André Breton’s Apartment


Voices and Soul appears on Black Kos Tuesday's Chile; poetry chosen and critiqued by Black Kos Poetry Editor Justice Putnam.


(Cut Stones and Arch St Ceneri, France / copyright Justice Putnam)


Question: Who is your audience? What are you here for?

Answer: Tribal Alliances, Heart-felt Convictions, Passionate Reason, Random Abandon, Sustainable Civility and a kiss; to comfort the sad and the mad Ones; the Ones roaming the International section of the American Supermarket at night; or roaming the neglected streets looking for an angry malaprop to sink their teeth into; the Ones who seek without seeking and learn as much as they teach; the Ones who embrace and kiss and embrace again; the Ones who sing the song of the city and the ballads of the forest; the Ones who chant the rhythm of the sea and hum the melody of the desert; the Ones who sing the prayer of Her name and Her name is the World. Yes, those are the Ones.    -- JP


(Man, Girl and Broken Window Klamath Falls, Oregon / copyright Justice Putnam)


(Can you help folks in need heat their homes and cook their food on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations. Navajo has an important diary posted with all the particulars. Even a small amount can work towards building the minimum.

Could you please help?)


So that explains it... !

Sunlight and Water Pitcher Muir Beach / copyright Justice Putnam


... Or does it?

(Holy Bible and 3 in 1 Oil Berkeley, California / copyright Justice Putnam)



(Rail Road Crossing, Sonoma California / copyright Justice Putnam)


"Many heroes lived before Agamemnon, but they are all unmourned, and consigned to oblivion, because they had no bard to sing their praises."

 -- Horace

"Still the race of hero spirits pass the lamp from hand to hand."

-- Charles Kingsley

The Nature of Poetics Collapsed Outside My Window

On the third floor
Of an old stone hotel
I gaze out my window
To the night rain
Wet streets of
Mexico City.

I look down on rooftops
Built by Spaniards
And across stratum
Of TV antennae
Electric lights
And the huge domes of
Ancient cathedrals.

History is backed up
Against itself here
Like layers of
Soil and mud

One can see the edge of
Aztec excavations
Between the sleek
Exact lines
Of modern towers.

Echoing up from the street
Is the wet hiss
Of rolling tires
On wet black-top

And the more distant
Sounds of
And voices

All fusing somehow
Into that single

The chant of cities.

The Poet must be
Alone here

He must be free
And live as
The wind itself

Not bound by
The culture of society
Not restrained by taboo.

At ease to wander
In the mysterious visions
Of touching everything
Of trusting everything
Of believing everything.

The Poet must be free
To live the law
Of iguana-lazy sleep
On the hot sand

The Poet must be free
For the frenzy
Of butterfly wings

Across the cool smooth
Strange sculptured
Texture of tropical waters.

The Poet must be free
To move
To see

Free to
Merely be.

(Mexico City 1986)

© 1988 and 2004 by Justice Putnam
and Mechanisches Strophe-Verlagswesen



(Morning Fog And Surf, Muir Beach, California / copyright Justice Putnam)


Originally posted to The Justice Department on Netroots Radio.com on Mon Jan 07, 2013 at 08:50 PM PST.

Also republished by Netroots Radio and Pink Clubhouse.

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