I just finished watching Alex Jones on Piers Morgan and, at first, I was amused, though by the end, I felt uneasy and disturbed. Let's just say the Crazy is strong in that guy and this video needs to be spread far and wide. This rant that he just had on Piers needs to go viral as I think it is one of the strongest pieces of evidence of what has become a very strong minority in our country - something that I would call the doomsday / conspiracy laden / gun nut, who is losing touch with reality, yet is very well armed.

Here is the first part of the video in question - I will try to get some key quotes to post underneath, but Jones is frothing at the mouth so much, it will be difficult to capture the Crazy:

Some of the craziness:

Jones: We have all these foreigners and the Russian Government, the Official Chinese Government, Mao said political power goes out of the barrel of a gun, 80 million killed because he was the only guy that had a gun ... When they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny ... The guns, the iron rods Piers didn't do it, the tyrants did it, Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns ... And I am here to tell you 1776 will happen again if you try to take our guns ... Piers don't try what your ancestors did before ... How many great White Sharks kill people every year, but they are afraid to swim ... They arrest people in England if they try to defend themselves ... You're a hatchet man of the new world order, you think you're a tough guy, invite me back and I'll wear red, white, and blue against your colors ...
I can't capture all the craziness ... This is just a taste ...

Here is Part Two:

Jones: You guys want to disarm all of America ... First you register, then you confiscate ... People wouldn't go swimming because of the movie jaws even though Great White Sharks kill five people a year, your trying to scare people, there are no metal sharks in the water ... And Hitler used semi-autos to kill people, so did Mao ... Why is the government arming to the tee against us? Look what they did down the street here ... The number one killer in history ... Government ... It is called Demo-cide, Google it ... Stones and knives statistically kill more ...
Again, can't capture the all the craziness, don't type that fast, but you get the picture.

I am not a big fan of Piers Morgan, but I think he did a big service for America tonight. He gave the big lights to Alex Jones and let America see what crazy looks like. I have listened to his radio show in the past because I found it humorous, but when you see it in person, it has an element similar to dementia that I find quite disturbing. The fact that Jones and people with this crazy frame of reference are allowed to own arsenals (Jones tells Piers he owns over 50), shows how big this problem is and how hard it is going to be to solve. We have let this craziness metastasize so much that if we tried to disarm the crazies, we would have 100s of Wacos across the country. So, we need to do what Piers did tonight and shine a light on the crazies - the more we show them to the larger population, the more their craziness will become apparent.

Unfortunately, this craziness is not limited to a conspiratorial radio host. In the last year, I have been made aware of a few dozen of these doomsday / one world / arsenal creating people in my community. Two of them that I know of in my community own a private school and are considered pillars of the community - for their good and our own good, their craziness needs to be brought out into the open. Sometimes bringing it to light will help - For instance, I had close friends who had their in-laws living with them and the Father started the Glenn Beck craziness. He began building his reserves (canned food, water, etc.) and then started his arsenal. Eventually, after a year of debate, my friends asked the in-laws to leave. It was painful, but a year later the father has somewhat come back to his senses. He has guns, but he has sold many and at least openly does not seem that far gone. It is true that he could be hiding it; however, from appearances it seems like a better situation that it was.

I am not sure what the answer is, but I truly believe that Piers did us a favor tonight by giving a national stage to Jones and letting his crazy spill out. I hope that this will go viral so that people will see the craziness that millions listen to each week.

8:57 PM PT: Update: Hilarious - Alex Jones was detained, arrested, and then released by the TSA prior to the interview for refusing to remove his shoes. He is now considering a "civil rights" law suit. The article suggests TSA let him go because they were afraid of the bad publicity - I wonder how many regular people get that treatment?

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