There were five gun murders today in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

That brings to seven the total for the year so far.

It's fixin' to be quite a year, 2013!

At around lunchtime today January 7th 2013, Police were called to an apartment in South Tulsa.

Inside they found the bodies of four young women and a live 3-year-old child:

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Tulsa Police got a 911 call shortly after 12:30 p.m. about four people found dead at the Fairmont Terrace Apartments in the 5800 block of South Owasso.

Tulsa hasn't had a quadruple murder since 1992. This one is made even rarer, because there is a live witness.

A 3-year-old boy was taken into protective custody. Police say he was not hurt.

There is no news yet on the killer or motive. The killer had a gun, clearly. Equally clearly there was a time that gun was owned by a responsible citizen or dealer.

In other news ....

Police are investigating the murder of a man in East Tulsa today at around 9.30 pm.


Officers responded to calls of shots fired the complex around 9:30 p.m. Monday.

Police said the 51-year-old male victim was visiting the apartment to care for his sister, who is gravely ill. He was shot multiple times in the back while he was going up the stairs, according to police.

Again I'm speculating, because there is, as yet, no news of the killer, but it is not unreasonable that again the gun started it's life as a legal firearm.

Far be it for me to suggest that we might take urgent steps to prevent responsible gun owners being so damned irresponsible.

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