Republicans seem pretty alien to me, but they sure don't prove that there is other intelligent life in the universe.

Seems logical that in this grand universe there would be Aliens .
Carl Sagan kept telling us that there are Billions and Billions of stars out there.
Surely - over time - intelligent life would develop somewhere other than just here.
But.... we don't see the spaceships
..........SETI doesn't get any radio signals

So......if we are alone, why ?

Could it be that any intelligent civilization goes the way of bacteria on a Petri dish
.... uses up all resources and then pollutes itself out of existence before it can become a spacefaring civilization.

Seems we would like to avoid a similar fate ?

Perhaps all you NASA fans would like to give us some extra time to become spacefaring

The major obstacle we have to get around is that of global warming via fossil fuel use increasing C02 in the atmosphere

Please help get us off of fossil fuels in the next 40 years
Visit the Whitehouse petition site :


Help to promote our survival by signing the petition
It needs 150 signatures to become generally visible on the site
Barry Allen


Where are the Aliens

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