"The biggest myth of all time is that sweatshops are bad." Fox New's Greg Gutfeld really said that.

Not the tooth fairy or the earth being flat, but that sweatshops are bad. The biggest myth of all time. This is such blatant intentional trolling I hesitated to even mention it.

Dictionary entry for sweatshop.
Going into more detail, Gutfeld seems to be moving from defending unpaid internships to defending poverty wages by claiming that low-wage work is something people—and maybe nations?—do early on when they don't have skills and then progress rapidly out of as they gain skills. Which, first, is false. A third of low-wage workers have some college education and 38.1 percent are between the ages of 35 and 64. Many employers seeking skilled workers don't bother paying the wages you might expect for skilled work. So no, low-wage work isn't a short-term proposition for many Americans.

Second, it should damn well be a basic principle that if you work, you shouldn't live in poverty. Saying "oh, well, it's just unskilled people" only raises the question of whether the speaker is more properly described as immoral or amoral. Is it work? Then it deserves a living wage, full stop.

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