I want to tell you what an amazing community we have here when we step up to help one of our own in true hardship.

I was reading a diary the other day about our own Richard Myers of Flush Rush Fame and his family being in trouble.

I went on to understand that I live within driving distance to his home and I agreed to go and make sure that this was a real address with Richard's family. I wrote about my experience and posted a diary here telling of Candy Myers and her son Randy.

Candy told me that she had trusted no one until she met Richard. She has some medical issues and is on permanent disability. He did everything to take care of them.

Thank you wonderful people. All of you are me and my son's heros. Richard was more than just an activist, he was a wonderful husband and the greatest father and he loved helping others I have been blessed for knowing him and I believe I will never meet anyone as special as he was. Richard put his heart and soul into fighting to make the world a better place and I know with people like all of you, you will keep Richard's dream alive.

I miss him so much. Thank you all for saving our home.

Much Love,
Candy Myers

Candy was grateful for the $3290.84 we have raised so far for her and her son. They can now stay in their home and pay for the utilities, medications and other bills for a couple of months while they wait for Richard's benefits to come through.

I know Candy will have a hard time adjusting to being without Richard, but she has a good friend Tina that has offered to help teach Candy how to pay her bills and to set up a bank account. I think that Richard was blessed with the friends he had.

I did not know Richard well or follow his writings as much as many of you, I was simply in the right place at the right time and was able to facilitate the fund raising. Please accept my thanks to all who gave their gifts of money and love. Candy and Randy have the knowledge that all of you hold Richard in your hearts, and they will keep their home of many years in the future, due to that regard. Blessings on all of you.

Here is a fantastic diary from Proglegs about Richard Myers' Legacy

If you missed the chance and would like to contribute to the family please go to Paypal and send it through the account attached to madlyblue at msn .com

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