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Mr. Dan! Mr. Dan!  . . . Mr. Dan?


Aaaaigh! Where's Mr. Dan?  And, and, are you?  Are you?

I'm Dogboy, Dogboy.  And we gotta' talk.

Mmm, about what?

About your Obama guy.

My Obama?

He won the election, right?

Yep!  He sure did!

So why is he nominating these Republican types, Dogboy?

Well, Dogboy, it's . . . a smart move politically, I guess.

Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense?

He's a maverick!

First Obama keeps Bush's secretary of defense, now another Republican to run the Pentagon?

I guess they're good at war stuff, plus, Chuck Hagel's peaceful.

. . . And supported the Iraq war resolution.

Yeah, but he didn't want to!

And what about John Brennan to head the CIA?

Oh, he's not the controversial one, don't worry.

. . . Except in two-thousand-eight when he dropped out of the running, right?

Yeah . . . but that's because he was involved in torture and rendition stuff under Bush.

. . . And don't forget his love of spying on Americans!

Yeah, but things were different then!

Well, now Congress reauthorizes domestic spying and no one notices!

Remember, Dogboy, Obama says:  Don't look backwards, look forward!

Forward to the next drone strike?

Well, kinda . . .

Forward to the next rendition flight?

Um, I guess . . .

Oh!  Forward to the next signature strike where we kinda pretty much know the bad guys are there and no civilians are ever ever killed?

Umm . . . I wish Mr. Dan was back from the fiscal cliff.

Mr. Dan:  [falling, splat]  Aaaaaiiigh!

Dogboy:  Ooooh!  Mr. Dan!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Mr. Dan:  groannnn . . .

Dogboy:  That Dogboy asked too many questions.

Mr. Dan:  Dogboyssss . . . .

Originally posted to Comics on Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 06:50 AM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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