Much talk concerning the debt ceiling has revolved around the Republican wrecklessness and intransigence concerning the debt ceiling.  Using the global economy as a hostage and threatening a Lehman type economic disaster is a damnable negotiating tactic to be sure.

However, the President has the power to end this.  He wanted to power to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling, but he already has this power.  The 'platinum coin' option is a 100% legal way for him to avoid this.  There is no reason we should even get close to the debt ceiling, unless President Obama wants us to.  Does he think it is good to get concessions from republicans(or, as I fear, from democrats)?

Either way, he has full power to avoid any economic damage and uncertainty that will come from approaching the debt ceiling.  If he does not, then a good deal of the responsibility and blame for the economic damage that is unleashed on the working families of this country rests on his shoulders.

It is time to make sure he knows this.


Does Obama bear some blame for the economic damage that comes from not ensuring that he will raise the debt ceiling using the platinum option if necessary?

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57%23 votes

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