Received this email from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D. IL) asking for help to get the word out calling for congress to pass sensible gun laws in wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Newton, CT:
Have we really reached a point in this nation where shooting a congresswoman point blank in the face or killing a roomful of first graders in Connecticut no longer moves us?

I don't believe that for a minute.

In the month since the devastating Newtown massacre, momentum is growing to do something about the number of gun murders in this country:

We announced several gun-safety bills in Congress since the new session began last week; Vice President Biden's guns task force is expected to make its recommendations by the end of this month; and prominent leaders like Retired General McChrystal, Former Representative Giffords, and New York Mayor Bloomberg have publicly endorsed gun control proposals.

Despite the growing majority demanding solutions to gun violence, the NRA's tone-deaf response -- that the solution to shooting rampages like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School is to increase the presence of guns in schools -- reminds us of what we're up against.

And it reminds us that we won't prevail until we lead -- it is our obligation to increase the drumbeat for change until real reforms are in place.

Thank you for joining nearly 19,000 others in signing on to the Committed Majority for Sensible Gun Laws. We both know how important it is to build the strongest network of grassroots support possible, so will you help me spread the word?

Share our petition with your friends on Facebook and Twitter -- then forward this email to your friends, and ask them to visit CommittedMajority.com to call on Congress to institute reasonable limits on firearms.

We advocate for simple, commonsense solutions:

    Bar those with a history of serious mental instability or violent crime from owning weapons;
    Outlaw the sale of weapons that are strictly for military use and have no useful purpose in sport, hunting, or self defense;
    Ban magazine clips with more than ten rounds from civilian use;
    Restrict the number of firearms a person can buy in a month;
    Require firearms within the reach of children to have protective locks.

We the people must find the courage to act for the good of our nation and the safety of our families. And to do that, I need your support today.

Thank you,

Dick Durbin
U.S. Senator

If you haven't signed Senator Durbin's petition yet, you can do so here:


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